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    2. Call (919) 776-7737 for Sales & Service

      Reasons to Buy from Central Carolina Scale?


      5 Great Reasons to Shop at Central Carolina Scale!

      #1 ?Low Price Commitment
      #2?Same Day Shipping
      #3?Best Technical Support
      #4?Widest Product Selection
      #5?Shop the Leader, Shop with Confidence





      #1 Low Price Commitment
      Central Carolina Scale is committed to low prices and great service after the sale.



      #2 Same Day Shipping
      Order by 12pm EST Monday thru Friday and in-stock items will ship the same day.




      #3 Best Sales/Technical Support
      Our expert sales and technical advisors are working hard for you when you need them most. Sales support is available 5 days a week 8 am- 4:30 pm EST Mon.-Fri. at (919) 776-7737. Our technical team can help advise you on the right products for any job.



      #4 Widest Product Selection
      We carry over 30,000 products, many more than the next competitor. We've got all the pieces and parts that you may need for your particular situation.




      #5 Shop the Leader, Shop with Confidence
      We are one of the largest scales and weighing equipment retailer/distributors in the southeast. We have a warehouse full of products ready to ship. With a long and profitable track-record, we recently celebrated our 35th anniversary.


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