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      Industries - Scales for Asphalt & Concrete Batching Hopper

      Industries - Scales for Asphalt & Concrete Batching Hopper

      Asphalt and Concrete Hopper Batching

      Weighing plays an important role in the Asphalt and Concrete plants throughout the United States. Central Carolina Scale provides testing and calibration to many asphalt and concrete batching locations throughout the Raleigh Durham area. The company also provides a high quality selection of replacement parts for fast repair and minimal down time. Our selection of tension kits often used in hopper applications, various styles of load cells, batch controllers, and digital weight indicators are trusted by many customers. Don't forget we offer a wide selection of load cell cable as well.

      Platform scales, truck scale weighbridges and other scales from suppliers like Rice Lake Weighing Systems are tough enough to deliver accuracy in this competitive industry and collect this vital information accurately at every step of the way without slowing down your operation. Products designed specifically for batching applications can be found on our website. Contact us for a quote today (919) 776-7737.

      • 720i-Programmable-Controller.jpg
        Rice Lake 720i Programmable Indicator ControllerThe 720i from Rice Lake is an affordable path to gaining the function and ability of our more advanced intelligent indicators. From basic weighing and data collection to recipe formulation, inventory management and traceability, choose Rice Lake's 720i.
      • rice-lake-rl20000-sbeam-loadcell.jpg
        Rice Lake RL20000SS Stainless Steel Load CellRL20000 SS S-Beam, Stainless Steel is ideal for all of your tension applications. Whether it is a suspended application or mechanical scale conversion, this model provides the additional protection necessary in wet, corrosive environments. Available in capacities ranging from 100 to 10,000 lb (22.7 to 4535.9 kg).
      • SCT-20.jpg
        Rice Lake SCT-20 Signal Conditioner TransmitterEach Rice Lake SCT-20 is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it serves to convert a scale抯 load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol.
      • rice-lake-itcm-tension-cell-mounts.jpg
        Weigh Modules - ITCM Stainless Steel Isolated Tension CellThe ITCM SS Series utilizes Rice Lake components to provide an unmatched level of performance in tank and hopper weighing applications and mechanical scale conversions. The ITCM SS incorporates clevis and unique rod-end ball joint assemblies to reduce the overall length to less than half of the traditional tension cell mounts
      • Stainless-Steel-Balance.jpg
        Rice Lake TS Stainless Steel BalanceThe sleek looking stainless steel housing of the Rice Lake TS Series is more than just attractive. This mirror finish is a barrier against potentially destructive elements. For work environments where anything can happen, trust in a balance that delivers performance inside and out.
      • rice-lake-cb2-concrete-batch-controller.jpg
        Rice Lake CB-3 Concrete Batch ControllerThe Rice Lake CB-3 concrete batch control system is ideal for ready-mix and block plants. Centrally control your entire operation with the industrial PC-powered CB-3.
      • cardinal-205-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
        Cardinal 205 Storm Digital Weight Indicator205 Storm has washdown stainless steel desk or wall-mounted enclosure, 0.6 inch high LED, four RS232 serial ports, push-button tare, flexible print formats and selectable weight units. USB-B is standard and USB-A is optional. Versatile for general-purpose use with bench, floor, tank/hopper and more.
      • ED-Series.jpg
        CAS ED Multifunction Bench ScaleThe ED Series from CAS Corporation is an advanced multifunction scale with capacity from 6 lb to 60 lb. Use it for counting, check weighing, accumulating, or simple weighing. Need to print labels or receipts? It's not a problem, just bundle with the optional DLP Label Printer or DEP Receipt Printer.
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