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    2. Call (919) 776-7737 for Sales & Service
      digital scale repair shop for central North Carolina

      Service - Scale Repair & Troubleshooting

      Just about anyone can sell a scale these days but only a select few companies can actually repair and troubleshoot scales that are broken. Does your scale not power up? Does your scale display only show all 8's or UL (underload) or OL (overload)? Did you accidentally cut a cable going from the scale platform to the digital controller?

      Give us a call at 919-776-7737 or fill out our Request a Quote contact form for prompt and courteous service. Our scale repair technicians are trained, both by factory rep's and on the job, to find and correct scales and weighing equipment problems out in the field. Our service trucks are "rolling scale shops" equipped with lots of replacement load cells, weight indicators, and accessories to repair your equipment with limited downtime.

      If for some reason your scale has to be taken back to our facility in Sanford, don't worry, we stock more replacement scale parts than anybody in North Carolina. Chances are we will have the digital weight indicator, main board, or load cell that your scale needs. Of course, we also use certified test weights to check your scales.

      scale weight error

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      Fast quotes!
      FAST TURN-AROUND time!

      Call (919) 776-7737 


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